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Living sustainably is becoming less of a choice and more of a movement; one that many are willing to embrace. From everyday habits to the way we travel, there are lots of ways to lead a more sustainable lifestyle. And if you’re all about reducing your carbon footprint, don’t wait to make it a resolution for 2020. End this year on a more eco-friendly note and plan your winter getaway to one of these resorts in India that are all about ecological travel. 


With the year coming to an end, all our past revolutions seem to be lost in translation. Travel is a popular one and usually makes it to most people’s lists. So grab your friends and family to celebrate the holiday season in style. The best part? you can do so while being a friend to the planet by heading on over to these sustainable resorts.

Barefoot, Havelock, the Andamans

Located right on one of the Andamans most pristine beaches – Radhanagar – Barefoot Resorts is where you can head if you want to experience living in a rainforest (although, not Bear Grylls-style). This sprawling, rustic campus imitates the beauty of the Andaman Islands while being completely chemical and fertiliser free. The philosophy here is to embrace nature in its truest form while disconnecting from the outside world and enjoying a unique experience. 

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Picture courtesy: http://www.barefoot-andaman.com/accomodation/

Banasura Hill Resort, Wayanad, Kerala

Quiet and quaint, this resort offers accommodation that has been constructed from mud and recycled wood, while relying heavily on sunlight to reduce electricity consumption. It also holds the distinction of being situated amidst a UNESCO World Heritage destination! While here you can also indulge in Ayurvedic treatments, hiking and cave-visits that are sure to make your stay more interesting.

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Picture courtesy: https://www.banasura.com/

Kanha Earth Lodge, Narna, Madhya Pradesh

Spread across 16 acres of land, Kanha Earth Lodge is located within a natural forest and provides accommodation constructed with locally available stones and recycled wood. The lodge has adopted multiple green practices, such as using solar PVC panels and solar lanterns, ecological waste disposal systems and promoting landscape regeneration, among other things. Additionally, fresh produce and manpower are all sourced from local communities. Here, you can enjoy jeep safaris, cycling, nature trails and visits to the local village or laze around in the pool, lined with dense greenery.

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Picture courtesy: https://www.kanhaearthlodge.com/photo-kanha-earth

Shakti 360° Leti, Bageshwar, Uttarakhand

A small yet heavenly resort located 8,000 feet above the sea level, Shakti 360° Leti has built its cottages using local Himalayan techniques like dry-stack stone wall formation. Since water is always scarce at such heights, the lodge has deployed a greywater re-use system to tackle the problem along with being powered by solar energy. A popular activity amongst visitors includes going to the beautiful and peaceful Shakti Kumaon village to get a taste of the local life. The resort also facilitates hikes, camps and nature walks.

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Picture courtesy: https://www.shaktihimalaya.com/kumaon.php

Dune Eco Village & Spa, Pondicherry

This resort is located at a beachfront with each villa designed by a different architect from around the world. Some green initiatives taken by them are- using bicycles to ride around the property, solar-power and using organic linens for guests. It also has a 7-acre organic farm for the in-house restaurant to use and a composting pit. With a special focus on holistic wellness, this eco-friendly site also offers ayurvedic treatments, yoga and meditation therapies.

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Picture courtesy: https://dunewellnessgroup.com/dune-eco-village-spa/

So, dare to travel differently this time around and visit some of these eco-friendly resorts! And with the MG ZS EV to accompany you, go ahead and #ChangeWhatYouCan. It significantly cuts down on both, air and noise pollution, enabling you to reduce your carbon footprint and switch to a more sustainable lifestyle.