4 Ways to make Children’s Day special for your kids

Homes with kids are often filled with laughter and joy. Their doe-eyed innocence is a reminder that childhood is one the simplest times in life and their ability to dream big without inhibition can serve as an inspiration for adults. So, when you are blessed with kids in your life, it’s natural to try and create as many memorable moments with them as possible. And Children’s Day is one of those extra-special days to do so.

Children’s Day is certainly a favourite holiday for most kids since everyone dotes on them, and they’re left with memories they will cherish for a lifetime. But with the pandemic still at large, this year’s celebrations will not involve boisterous school parties or an outing to their favourite restaurant, gaming arcade or the mall. But you can still safely celebrate the day with some cool ideas.

1. Theatre-style movie marathon

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Draw the curtains, dim the lights and hit play on their favourite movies. Whether it is Disney classics, TV series like Chhota Bheem and Paw Patrol, or popular movie-series like Harry Potter, turn your living room into a cosy theatre with squishy beanbags, pillows and soft blankets. And no movie marathon is complete without a steady supply of snacks, so pop some corn or a bag of nachos to munch on. To take things to the next level, whip up a few movie-themed snacks or have a family slumber party in your living room after the movies wrap up. It’ll be a day your kids never forget!

2. A day of favourites

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What better way to spend Children’s Day than doing what your kiddo loves best? Plan the day around a host of fun activities that you kids enjoy, such as dance parties, board games, painting sessions or anything else that your little one enjoys. What’s great about this idea is that you be a part of the fun too! You can even turn the day into a fun competition and have a prize (and bragging rights) for the person with the most wins at the end of the day. It will not only make for an innovative day but a great bonding experience for your family. 

3. Kids’ day out

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With most travel restrictions lifted, a day out with the kids would be a welcomed change from the last several months not only for the little ones, but for you as well. Of course, it’s still essential to practice social distancing if you do plan to venture outdoors. You can head to relatively less crowded spots in the hills or by the beach or visit a lush park for a good old-fashioned picnic. Don’t forget to pack your kids’ favourite snacks, some water and juice and plan a few fun picnic activities that they will enjoy, such as outdoor sports and games.  

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4. Treasure Hunt

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It’s a game that packs adventure and excitement, caters to your kid’s curious nature and best of all, can be played inside your own home. A treasure hunt is a perfect activity to keep your kids occupied and entertained for hours. You can hide clues all over your house and add fun little challenges along the way to spike your child’s interest at playing and winning the game. Finally, you can hand out a fun prize to mark not only your kids’ eventual victory, but the special occasion as well. The first decade of a child’s life is the most important and formative years. Celebrating them on days like Children’s Day gives them memories they will look back on and smile about for years. So, whether you’re surrounded by your own kids, nieces and nephews, or even little neighbours, express your care and love for them by planning a day they will never forget.