4 Things you could do this festive season to make it brighter

As the last quarter of the year kicks in, most people are starting to feel hopeful of the slowly, but surely returning sense of normalcy in the world. Cities are bustling again, travellers are venturing outdoors and the looming festive season is spreading joy across the country. So, as the festivities dawn on us, while health and safety remain paramount, here are some things you can do to switch up the new-normal lifestyle you’ve been living for the last several months.

1. Swap loungewear for festive attire

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Living and working from home has probably limited your wardrobe to comfy wear like it has for most people. But now that Diwali is around the corner why not switch up your wear for something more festive looking? As you gear up for intimate celebrations with those you love, don’t hold back from looking your best. Or mix comfort with style; as long as it does not involve pyjamas or home wear. Dressing up will make you feel better and will also turn up the festive vibe at home.

2. Swap festive guilt for healthy goodness

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Diwali is incomplete without boxes of sweets, but being around this constant temptation can lead you astray from your health goals. And this could be even more devastating if you’ve been working hard to stick to an exercise regime while working from home. But, you don’t have to hit pause on your fitness or say no to every indulgence. Switching to healthier alternatives in the days leading up to the festive period can prepare you for occasional indulgences. Another tool to keep spontaneous temptations at bay is to practice mindful eating and be more aware of what you’re eating. If you do impulsively indulge in a few snacks or drinks, don’t let it ruin your mood and avoid the all-or-nothing mindset. You can make up for it later.

3. Swap firecrackers with eco-friendly alternatives

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While many cities and states are prohibiting the sale of firecrackers this year, it does not have to mean that there are no other ways to light up your celebrations. While diyas would be the obvious eco-friendly choice for creating a soothing and warm ambience, there are other options you can consider too. For instance, lanterns and fairy lights can make great alternatives for lighting up your home because they can be used during and even after the festival. And since they come in so many different styles and designs, they are extremely versatile when it comes to blending in with different kinds of interior and exterior settings.

4. Swap your old car for new wheels

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Festivals are auspicious occasions to commence new beginnings, and people often make big-ticket purchases at this time of the year to mark the season. And very often, cars tend to be at the top of the list when it comes to shopping for auspicious days. Considering the current situation, and the need to stay safe wherever you go, owning a car has become more imperative. But what if you already have one? Well, why not swap your current car for something shiny and new? With MG Motor’s Festive Exchange Carnival, you can get the best exchange value on your pre-owned car and upgrade it to a brand new MG SUV.

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On the other hand, if you’re more of an explorer and want to make rugged adventure a constant in this new year, the MG Gloster is the type of beast you’d want by your side. Sturdy and powerful, its 4-wheel drive will help you conquer just about any terrain. And with its Advanced Driver Assistance System, which includes features like Adaptive Cruise Control, Automatic Parking Assistance, Autonomous Emergency Braking and Lane Departure Warning, you can be sure that every drive is a safe one. So, make the most of the offer and change the way you travel, for the better!