MG Developer Program and Grant

About the program

The MG Developer Program & Grant is developed to create an innovation platform of choice, for developers and innovators, that will encourage them to build new applications and experiences never imagined before in a car.

The program is brought together by MG Motor in partnership with technology leaders Cognizant, Adobe, SAP, Unlimit, Airtel, TomTom and TiE . It is open to external developers (students, innovators, inventors, start-ups and other tech companies) as well as internal teams of intrapreneurs at MG Motor and partner companies.

The program seeks solutions by verticals to make the entire automotive ecosystem better by developing new applications.



  • Electric Vehicles and components - Solutions that would make electric vehicles better, new concept vehicles and more
  • Batteries and management - Solutions to develop and improve batteries and their management. eWaste recycling and management, enhancing the life of batteries, new materials.
  • Charging Infrastructure - Solutions for effective and efficient infrastructure for India
  • Navigation technologies - Technologies to improve maps, route planning, maps, sensors and vehicle tracking
  • Customer Experiences - Applications and solutions for entertainment, information, gaming and comfort. Rewards and loyalty programs. Insurance management. Productivity features. Advertising and promotion opportunities using on board technology and in car payment solutions.


  • Connected Mobility - Developments in telematics, diagnostics, V2V and V2X, Safety management, entertainment & productivity related applications and connectivity under low signal conditions.
  • Car Buying Experiences - Experiential sales enhancement solutions, lead management, vehicle finance (fintech) solutions, dealership experiences.
  • Autonomous vehicles - Concepts. AI Tech. Sensors and control. Communication, tracking and monitoring.
  • Voice Activation and Recognition - Voice based commands. Indian languages and multilingual capabilities, e.g. Hinglish. Accent recognition. Voice activated automated services.
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning - Enhance data utilisation using AI and ML to improve drive behaviour, vehicle dynamics, safety and security and automating tasks.
MG Developer Program and Grant

Why participate in the Program

The program offers a unique opportunity for innovators and developers to work directly with MG Motor and its technology partners to bring solution to market quickly. The consortium behind the program shall provide

  • Specialized, high level mentoring, relevant to practical development of the solution
  • Learning and relevant content for solution and business development
  • Business plan and modelling
  • Provide testing/ lab facility where possible
  • Network with other participants within the program to drive synergy
  • Access to other startup and developer program of consortium members, opening a large opportunity
  • Recognition with PR opportunity for winning startups
  • Access to a grant. Ranging from Rs 5 lakhs to Rs 25 lakhs on a case to case basis*. (Award of grant would be at the sole discretion of program jury, based on their evaluation, on a case to case basis.*Terms and conditions applicable.)
Methodology of the program

Methodology of the program

  1. Submit application online
  2. Shortlisted startups would be assigned a mentor to develop their ideas
  3. Present the idea on Demo Day (Dates and venue to be announced) to Jury
  4. Jury selects winners for grant and recognition
  5. Shortlisted companies and winners may also get opportunity to test/ develop their solutions with one of the member companies. This would be decided and enabled by the assigned mentor

Important Dates

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