MG ZS EV PM2.5 Filter

PM 2.5 Filter

MG ZS EV air conditioning unit comes fitted with particulate matter 2.5 Filters to provide fresh and healthy air inside your SUV cabin, thus maintaining healthy Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

MG ZS EV Glow Logo

Breathable Glow Logo

The MG logo in the new MG ZS EV glows to indicate that your SUV is getting charged. Glowing stops, once the charging is complete.

MG ZS EV Sunroof


MG ZS EV with its panoramic sunroof lets you enjoy the ride in the comfort of extra light and fresh air.


KERS 3 Level

Smart and powerful – MG ZS EV comes with a kinetic energy reverse system, which stores the extra generated power for later when you need it.


3D Sound Effect

The MG ZS EV comes equipped with 3D surround effect, which enhances the driving experience with audible navigation assistance and provides close-to-ear experience.

MG ZS EV Air Bags

6 Air Bags

MG ZS EV comes with 6 airbags, which include dual front airbags, front-seat side-impact airbags, and side-curtain airbags that work together with the seatbelts. We made sure that MG ZS EV is always armoured to save your life.

MG ZS EV Touch Screen

20.32 cm Touch Screen

MG ZS EV is equipped with a visually delightful screen that gives you all the information at a single glance and allows you to manage complete vehicle settings with just a touch.

MG ZS EV  Seat Belt

3 Point Seat Belt

To ensure safety for the whole family, MG ZS EV is equipped with 3 point seatbelts for all passengers. Just pull, plug, and enjoy a safe drive.

MG ZS EV Android Auto And Apple Car Play

Android Auto and Apple Car Play

Driving the MG ZS EV is a fully connected experience. Android auto helps you keep your focus on the road and help in making your journey safe by using your voice.

MG ZS EV Auto Headlamps

Auto headlamps

Drive with peace of mind with the MG ZS EV auto headlamps. Whether in a heavy overcast or an enclosure, such as a parking garage.

MG ZS EV  Driving Modes

3 Drive Modes

Choose the right feel for your journey, MG ZS EV comes with three driving modes – eco, sports, and normal.

MG ZS EV Cruise Control

Cruise Control

Cruise Control doesn’t let you lose control over your speed. MG ZS EV lets you set a speed limit, and it will handle the throttle accordingly.

MG ZS EV Parking Brake

Electric Parking Brake

MG ZS EV is equipped with an electric parking brake, which makes sure your SUV is held safely when brakes are suddenly pressed.

MG ZS EV  Gear Shift

Electronic Gear Shift Knob

Ride away, smoothly. MG ZS EV’s electronic gear shift knob gives you a complete sense of control over your gear shifts.


Heated ORVM

Fog and Ice, though lovely to experience, is nasty while driving, blocking the view in your outer rearview mirror. MG ZS EV’s heated ORVM’s helps in clearing the fog and ice on your side view mirror, thereby ensuring visibility at all times.

MG ZS EV Internet Car

Internet Car

Experience the connected mobility with India’s first pure all-electric SUV - MG ZS EV.

MZ ZS EV Steering Wheel

Leather Wrapped Steering Wheel

Hold the comfort in your hand. MG ZS EV comes with a leather wrapped steering wheel for a better grip and feel.



LED DRLs not only give MG ZS EV the desired look but also increase its visibility on the road.

MG ZS EV Push Button Start

Push Button Start

Set your MG ZS EV in motion with a simple push - push-button start, so your smooth journey can start right away.

MZ ZS EV Alloy Wheel

R17 Alloy Wheel

MG ZS EV has a R17 windmill styled alloy wheels adding to the bold and futuristic look to the SUV.

MZ ZS EV Reverse Parking

Reverse Parking Assist

MG ZS EV comes equipped with the reverse parking-assist system, which helps the driver to sense when objects are in the vehicle's 'blind spot', thus help prevent accidents which may be caused due to difficulty in parking in reverse.



Drive safe with the inbuilt tyre pressure monitoring system in the MG ZS EV. Get real-time information about the tyre pressure in your SUV in a pictogram display.

MG ZS EV Hill Descent

Hill Descent

We’ve made sure that you feel safe while driving on any terrain. MG ZS EV’s hill descent control system lets you enjoy the mountains as much as the highway. It prevents rollback on a slope when you release the brake and switch to the accelerator pedal.