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We at MG thrive on community – a sense of belonging that connects people who share the same interests and passions. This is the driving force behind MG Car Club (MGCC), an iconic institution with a rich history spanning nearly a century. Having come to India in 2019, MGCC has now become more than just a car club; it is a haven for MG car owners that motivates them to explore new adventures with fellow car enthusiasts. 

The story so far

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Though it is still early days for all of us at MGCC India, we have notched up quite a few memorable experiences for our members. A series of Experience Drives across the country has given MG owners in India a taste of the rich history that binds more than 55,000 members worldwide. As strangers become lifelong friends, the MG spirit comes alive in shining glory.

Our purpose

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At MGCC India, we aim to create memories for a lifetime, to inspire meaningful conversations and ideas that have defined the brand for nearly a century. We have also been actively involved in social welfare programmes such as our IIMPACT initiative for girl child education and rural sanitation. As a non-profit, we want to bring MG owners and dealerships together not as buyers and sellers but as one family.

To this end, local MG clubs organise events all year round based on guidance from regional centres, each affiliated with a local MG dealership. You do not necessarily have to own an MG to be eligible for membership, and in case you are wondering, there is no membership fee either, just a subscription fee. 

The events are non-political, non-religious, and family-oriented, in line with MGs cosmopolitan values. The overall communication of these events is managed by MG India, with execution being the responsibility of a team of 3 volunteer office-bearers: a Chief Experience Officer, Culture Operations Manager and Chief Curators. Each officer is responsible for planning and carrying out local MG events in collaboration with other club members. As you might imagine, the positions carry a lot of prestige and can give you bragging rights among your friends and colleagues.

So, let’s find out about the roles and responsibilities of MGCC officers:

Chief Experience Officer (CEO)

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This is the top job coveted by every member of an MGCC centre. The CEO is responsible for curating unforgettable experiences for club members in their city or area. Besides ensuring that events are organised regularly, the officer also manages their social media presence. There is a caveat, though: A CEO-aspirant must own an MG ride. An interview follows a formal application process before one can stake a claim to the job.

In a nutshell, the CEO takes care of:

  • Day-to-day operations of the centre
  • Planning and executing events in conjunction with other members and the local dealership

Culture Operations Manager (COM)

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The COM is tasked with creating an engaging member experience through field events like experience drives and track days. They are responsible for developing a family feeling among members and ensuring that everyone has a gala time. They also participate in strategy sessions with the CEO to ensure the flawless execution of planned activities. Encouraging maximum participation is also the responsibility of the COM. The COM is also selected after a formal interview process.

Chief Curator

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Responsible for administering club meetings, the Chief Curator is the third member of the core club management team. They manage proceedings at club meetings, compile reports and issue event releases and enrollment releases from time to time. It is a Chief Curator’s responsibility to gather the most extraordinary moments to be shared with club members and ensure that all activities foster the MG philosophy. They also maintain a vibrant social media presence for the club. 

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As the saying goes, a person is known by the company they keep. MGCC lets you get up close and personal with iconic cars and their owners like none other. Soak in the MG experience by signing-up for MGCC India today. Who knows, you could well be a CEO or COM in waiting.