Why the craze for classic cars still exists today

For most, a car is just a medium to transit from one place to another, while for others, it’s a matter of pride, an addiction, a memory that they love to cherish each day. And classic cars have a magnetic appeal that sways many towards the second category. There’s no denying that most modern cars are equipped with high-end technology and improved performance. Despite this, there’s something about classic cars that make them irresistible. From their suave looks to their fascinating histories, there are plenty of reasons that evoke a strong connection and immense love for these old marvels.  

 1. A classic car is more than an automobile — it’s also a story

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Every classic car has a story, a unique beginning that sets it apart from others. It tells of the brand and the history of the car. It could be produced in limited numbers, could have a novel approach in its design, or a famous personality could have driven it; the possibilities are endless. For instance, it could be a race model like the MG MGA 1500, which was not only successful at many racing events but has a booming roar that could get hearts racing even today. Of course, its sleek and polished look only added to this coupe’s overall attractiveness. 

2. These masterpieces ooze personality and individual flair

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“Quality never goes out of style.

Well, the retro-styled interiors of a classic car will always embrace its occupants with a homely feel. Most of these cars hail from an age when cars were not mass-produced, giving each piece its own distinctive personality. What they probably lack in aerodynamics today is made up for in oodles of timeless elegance, which a true classic car is known for. Style is what makes classic cars unique and sacred. And the minimalist design approach of the MG M Type Midget makes it a poster car for timeless vintage cars that are a perfect amalgamation of quality and quantity. 

3. A more hands-on approach

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“Nobody but you is in-charge when you’re driving a classic”.

Without the array of digital aides that can be found in the current breed of cars, steering a classic feels more organic. There are several other quirks about a classic – be it about the time it was created or the model you have, every classic has its own thing that puts it on the pedestal of uber-cool. Speaking of cool, who can deny not being bowled over by a marvelous classic like the 1965 MGB? After all, its striking design and nostalgic appeal are two of several reasons why so many car enthusiasts are actively involved in restoring old models.

4. Fosters a deeper bond between the car and driver 

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For MG car owners Jim Lott and Neil, the craftsmanship of a classic car is key to the love it entails. The elegantly crafted exterior with those spoilers and embossed insignia are works of art. Even the cabin seats, contours, and stitches all contribute to giving vintage cars their regal feel. The steering and clean dashboard design are a refreshing change from their more complex modern counterparts. Less automation is another reason why people are passionate about classic cars. The same holds true to car collectors looking for an MG BGT, a genuine ‘Grand Tourer’ of the mid-1960s. Its sporty hatchback design not only made it easy on the eyes but also earned it the title of “one of the most beautiful designs” by the American automotive magazine – Road & Track.    

5. A memorabilia of the time gone by

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Lastly, the craze for classic cars is often related to their iconic shapes and sizes. And not to mention a few unusual features that are rarely seen today, like Pop-up headlights. They offer a glimpse of the style and taste from the era of its manufacture and the story of the brand’s history. When we talk about vintage classics from yesteryears, MG Motor is a frontrunner – from its MG K3 Magnette, which ended the dominance of Italian cars by winning the Mille Miglia race in Italy, to the MG T Type Sports car that quickly intrigued the world during the 1950s.

The list of vintage cars from MG is a long one. And as a century-old brand, the British Marque has played a major role in transforming the motoring industry and is continuing to do so today.