Off-roading 101: Things to keep in mind before venturing out in the wilderness

How a person chooses to unwind at the end of a week says a lot about them. For some, it’s a time to catch up on sleep and binge-watch their favourite shows, and for others, relaxation comes in the form of driving off the beaten path. Whether it’s an escapade into the outback or a simple drive to your backcountry picnic spot, an off-roading trip is a thrilling way to blow off some steam. At the same time, this in-the-wilds activity can also test your vehicle’s limits and often requires expertise beyond the kind needed for a regular drive on highways. 

Wherever your wheels take you, here are some tips to make the adventure even better.

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1. Ease up on the accelerator

When it comes to off-road trips, there’s no need to push the speed limit, unless you find yourself in certain situations. For instance, you might need to hit the pedal a bit when climbing an incline; putting your car in the right gear can help you sail over obstacles most of the time. When climbing, a smart tip is to ease up on the power as you approach the top of an incline. And while making your way downhill, activate the lowest gear and use the brake to fine-tune your speed. Things become easier and more convenient when you have a car like the MG Gloster, which includes features like Hill Hold Control and Hill Descent Control. These can provide better control as you ascend or descend, ensuring you have a safer journey as well.  

2. Drive on a pre-used trail

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Taking the road less travelled sounds great, but not if you are in an unknown place. Forging your own trail can result in you getting stuck in places you don’t want to be. It’s a better idea to drive on previously used paths, not only because you can be certain it will see you through to the other side, but also because there will be less damage to the surroundings. However, it is important to evaluate your vehicle’s condition and your skills as an off-roader to ensure you can navigate dirt roads and challenging terrain before heading out on your adventure. 

3. Be careful on unknown terrain

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When you’ve got paved roads and stretches of highways ahead of you, there’s no reason to worry about the drive. But when the path is rock-strewn and muddy or sandy, it is prudent to be a little careful when driving on such terrain. A 4X4 like the MG Gloster has the capabilities and ground clearance to ensure no hiccups along the way. However, stepping out of your vehicle to examine the path every once in a while can ensure no unexpected surprises. The off-road driver’s mantra is – if you can’t clear mud, sand or other barriers on foot, it is less likely that your car will make it. It’s equally crucial to check a water-covered route unless you’ve witnessed another vehicle pass through it. If you cannot certify that it’s safe, it’s better to look for an alternative route.  

4. Be prepared

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You never know what you end up needing when you’re out in the wilderness, but with a range of MG Genuine Accessories, you can be assured of a safe and enjoyable time. You can stock your Gloster with thoughtfully designed add-ons such as a portable UVC + Germicidal lamp, hygiene kits, a personal safety alarm in the form of a Defend Me Tool, a portable tyre inflator, and even a bicycle carrier. A toolbox with a hand winch, tow strap, high-life jack, and a shovel are other must-haves that you must bring along on an off-roading escapade. 

5. Be well-versed with your vehicle

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Regular off-roaders know the in and out of their vehicle in-detail, but if you’re new to the game, you might need a refresher on what all your vehicle can do and how to engage different equipment. Learn about key metrics such as how much ground clearance you have or the approach and departure angles. 

As necessary as it is to know your vehicle, it is also important to evaluate whether your car is suited for off-roading and has features such as four-wheel drive. A 4WD vehicle like MG Gloster can provide torque to all its wheels simultaneously, making it suitable to take on all kinds of terrains that come its way. 

Avid off-roaders are always on the quest for introducing different shades of adventure with each new experience. Be it snow, sand, mud or rock, there’s still something new to explore, and the seven driving modes in MG Gloster let you venture out in the wilderness with utmost confidence. It’s All-Terrain Management System provides on-demand, the real-time 4WD drive that enables you to conquer every terrain without breaking a sweat. 

So, how about you take a plunge in adrenaline town and discover a newfound love for off-roading.