How does a DC fast charge work?

Electric cars, much like the phone and laptop you use, require chargers to put electricity into their batteries, where energy is stored. And just like these devices, they can only be charged when plugged into the right charger or adaptor. An important distinction between the two, however, is the size of the product and magnitude of energy needed to run it. 

Electric cars can take up to several hours to fully charge, and they are usually left charging overnight so that they are ready to go the next morning. Now imagine if there was a way to charge your car as fast as that turbocharger that juices up your phone in 30-45 minutes. That’s where the MG ZS EV’s DC fast charge comes in.

Understanding DC Fast Charging

In the most basic of terms, DC fast charging is ‘Dash Charging’ as far as electric vehicles are concerned. A DC fast charger can typically take your EV’s battery from 10% to 80% in approximately 50 minutes! It can even complete a full charge in a couple of hours at the most. This means that if you are a ZS EV owner, you can typically get a range of about 419km with just this single charge. 

A regular AC electric vehicle charger, on the other hand, usually takes north of 7 hours to fully charge your EV battery. This is because these chargers have been designed to be fitted at homes or offices, offering you the option to charge your vehicle overnight or while you work. They are also the most commonly available chargers.

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Factors That Can Affect Your Fast Charge

While DC fast charging follows protocols similar to your mobile or any device with a battery, certain factors may hamper its fast-charging ability. For instance, if a battery is too cold, it might take a while to start charging at the fastest possible rate. Alternately, if the battery gets too hot, the rate of charging might slow down.

The charging rate of DC fast chargers may also slow down once the battery hits 80%. This helps protect the battery from overcharging and getting damaged. It also ensures to never send more electricity than the battery can handle.

For this reason, different electric vehicles may have different fast-charging rates depending on the status of their vehicle’s battery.

Fast-Charging In India

As the popularity of electric cars slowly increases in India, so do the options to charge these eco-friendly vehicles. For instance, you can find DC fast charging at MG Motor dealerships across the country with multiple outlets in the Delhi-NCR area. All you need to do is visit your nearest DC charging station and a mere half-hour later, your MG ZS EV will be ready to go. DC fast charging is one of MG Motor’s 5-part charging solution for its new EV, along with other options that include an AC charger for the home or office, a portable charger, road-side assistance and AC chargers at key dealerships in satellite towns.

So what are you waiting for? #ChangeWhatYouCan today and let the new MG ZS EV take you on a whole new journey.