Here’s why now is the right time to buy an Electric Vehicle

For the longest time, you’ve heard about global warming and climate change on the news, in the papers and across social media. And if you ever looked up ways to make a difference, you’d find tons of tips ranging from avoiding single-use plastic to cutting down on water and electricity consumption. And of course, becoming a more conscious traveller, which not only means reducing unnecessary flying but also switching to a greener mode of transport – electric vehicles (EVs).

While EVs are great for the environment, many people feel that they may not be great on their pockets, since they are infamously thought to be ‘expensive’. That is until now. In a recent development, the Delhi Government is attempting to make them more affordable by introducing several perks under the Electric Vehicle Policy.

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Road tax exemption: For starters, the policy has announced it will do away with road tax on battery-operated vehicles. Road tax constitutes a sizeable portion of the final price of any vehicle, and its removal is expected to push down the cost of buying an EV significantly. So, if your budget has been a concern for adopting green travel, this move will make it easier.

No registration fee: Bringing down the buying costs of EVs is a big push to accelerate the acceptance of these vehicles. And to do this, the policy will also remove the registration fee for customers while buying an EV.

Monetary assistance: The decision to provide financial assistance to EV buyers is yet another reason to bury the doubt that EVs are costly. It has been proposed that buyers get monetary assistance of Rs. 1.5 lakh on new electric cars, while electric two-wheelers, autos, e-rickshaws and freight vehicles can expect a discount of Rs. 30,000.

What makes this a step in the right direction?

Perhaps the biggest reason to welcome this move is that it could help bring down the rising pollution levels across the capital city. When compared with a fuel-powered automobile, the power used to charge an EV creates a negligible impact on the environment. And the fact that EVs amount to zero emissions makes them a worthy opponent in Delhi’s fight against sky-rocketing AQI levels. 

To ensure the fight against air pollution has a more long-lasting impact, there are also plans to install 200 battery charging and swapping public stations at prominent locations across the city. Through these various initiatives, the aim is to make Delhi the EV capital of the country.

Be a part of the green revolution

So, if you’ve always wanted to do your part to preserve the environment, you can start right now, and you can do it with the MG ZS EV. By offering a range of 340 km on a single charge, the ZS is not only environmentally-friendly but and cost-efficient too. More importantly, it is a technology-first car, which means that it offers all the premium features you would want in a new car, albeit without emitting toxic exhaust fumes. This means you can revel in its classy exteriors and enjoy various features such as multiple driving modes, power-adjustable driver seat, cruise control, electronic gear shift knob and much more. 

Additionally, you can even sync your phone to your MG ZS so you can enjoy a premium driving experience by remotely controlling your car. And with MG Motor dealerships offering a DC fast charging option, you can conveniently charge your car up to 80% of in under 40 minutes. Now, wouldn’t you want to steer the wheel to a better tomorrow? So, #ChangeWhatYouCan and switch over to a side where the grass and everything else can be greener.