Guide To Map Your Skill Set With Career Options After You Are Back From A Break

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Staying true to its 96-year-old legacy, MG (Morris Garages) has always stood ahead of the curve and delivered its customers bespoke technology-advanced, style-equipped, superior-performing cars that fit their budget. Behind the glorious nine decades of MG success is the team at MG that works diligently and sincerely to ensure MG delivers nothing short of absolute perfection.

MG assures that there is equality and adequate career options, striving for growth and complete transparency for its workforce, keeping customers at its heart and its employees’ side-by-side. Especially for women, MG offers several career choices, giving a fair chance to grow your career. Exemplifying its dedication to maintaining gender diversity in its workforce, MG has successfully included 31% women.

Apart from giving you a platform to grow your career, MG even supports you if you want to take a career break. With its specialised ‘Driver Her Back’ program, MG supports talented and professional women to resume working after a career break, assuring their dignity and respect.

If you are interested in joining the MG team or looking to re-enter the corporate world after a career break, read on to know how MG can help you.

Skillset required for a career at MG

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  • Passion for succeeding
  • Problem-solving approach
  • Detailed understanding of the automotive industry
  • Work ethics and sincerity
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Strong communication skills
  • Ease of doing business
  • Leadership skills

These are common skill sets applicable to all career choices at MG. However, for specific career options, you must hold the necessary educational qualifications, technical skillset, and more, as applicable. If you are applying for a creative skillset job, you might require advanced skillsets, as required for the job.

Suitable career options at MG

MG offers you the best career options to grow your career, depending on your skills and experience. Here are some of the career options at MG:

  • Electrical and HVAC engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Delivery and quality assurance
  • Product management
  • Information technology
  • Customer relationship and experience
  • Sales
  • Brand marketing
  • Marketing and media
  • Digital analytics
  • Performance marketing
  • Human resources
  • Communications
  • Technician
  • Web development
  • Project management
  • Logistics
  • Dealer network and development

You can choose a career path that best aligns with your skillsets and life goals at MG. Any career path at MG offers exciting and challenging work opportunities, growth, and industry-best reimbursement. MG also gives you an abundance of opportunities for skill development. The company runs different employee programmes from time to time, allowing you to upgrade skills and grow your career. If you are resuming work after a career break, MG’s ‘Drive Her Back’ program helps you upgrade your career and move forward on your desirable career paths.

‘Drive Her Back’ by MG

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In India, most women do not resume work after taking a career break. Extending its support to women at all stages of their life, with its ‘Drive Her Back’ campaign, MG aims to support women who have the skills and experience to make a mark in the corporate corridors. The ‘Drive Her Back’ program supports women resuming work after a career break to streamline their transition.

Women with relevant work experience can participate in this one-year long program. The campaign enables you to reflect on your career, understand your fundamental skills, and regain confidence in using those skills to establish a prolific career path ahead. The ‘Drive Her Back’ program also teaches how to maintain a work-life balance as you transition from your career break into the corporate world.

The ‘Driver Her Back’ program assigns a career coach to provide personalised coaching, enabling you to adapt to the corporate world. The initiative aims to provide all candidates with professional networking and development opportunities. You also get ample opportunities for learning new skills to pursue new career goals. Skill development in the program is not restricted to reviving your career-related skills; it includes working on your transferrable skills to ensure holistic development.

Join the ‘Drive Her Back’ program and embark on a glorious chapter of your life.