Driving towards a more sustainable future – MG India

As the calendar flips open to April 22, people worldwide can be seen observing Earth Day, an event that attempts to create awareness around issues affecting the future of our planet. Each year Earth Day beckons us to be better versions of ourselves, encouraging individuals and businesses to steer the conversation towards sustainability initiatives. However, such endeavours cannot be a one-off activity undertaken in April and abandoned during the rest of the year.

This is the philosophy the drives us at MG Motor – to go the extra mile for the betterment of our planet, and this is how we are trying to make a difference: 

1. Being energy efficient

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Halogen or incandescent lighting uses nearly four to ten times more energy compared to LED bulbs. A great starting point for sustainability campaigns is to benchmark your current energy consumption and identify areas of improvement. 

At MG India, we have amplified our energy-saving initiative with: 

  • Solar street lights for renewable energy
  • Low-temperature degreasing to save gas
  • Motion sensors for energy conservation
  • Effluent treatment to remove sludge

These efforts reduce 816 tonnes of CO2 emissions, which is equivalent to saving 4896 trees. We have made sustainability an intrinsic part of our corporate culture with simple measures, such as holding garden meetings and conducting eco quizzes to reinforce these values. 

2. Co-processing of hazardous waste

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One of the biggest challenges that manufacturing companies face is the safe treatment of hazardous waste. Co-processing hazardous or toxic waste materials as raw material or alternative fuel is an optimal way to tackle this issue. MG India’s coprocessing initiative helps recycle hazardous manufacturing by-products by up to 200 metric tonnes. These are then supplied as raw materials for the cement industry, resulting in zero waste, no incineration, and no landfill dumping.

3. Safe and sustainable manufacturing

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Sustainability is challenging to achieve and can’t implement as an afterthought. To be truly prepared for a safe and sustainable future, we have to be sustainable by design.

For MG, it means the use of alternative fuels and sustainable manufacturing practices. As one of the first OEMs in the Non-Major Accident Hazard (NMAH) category, we at MG India use Piped Natural Gas (PNG). 

PNG is safe and convenient as there are no hassles of handling, refilling, or charging cylinders. Its low pollution emissions and negligible solid waste make it a more eco-friendly and safer choice.

4. Managing e-waste

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With technology constantly evolving, new hardware, computers, and accessories become essential to the success of a business. But what many may not be aware of is that e-waste is one of the main contributors to toxic leaching, soil breakdown, and gas emissions that harm humans and environment alike.

MG Motor India has partnered with e-waste recycling provider TES-AMM to help recycle its ZS EV batteries, ensuring safe disposal or a sustainable second life for these batteries. 

Organisations can take various steps to ensure they create less e-waste and manage electronics responsibly:

  • Donating old laptops to charities and schools
  • Upcycling electronics 
  • Minimising unnecessary purchase
  • Partnering with e-waste management companies 

5. Build sustainability governance

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Several companies, including MG India, have launched an aggressive policy against plastic bottles. At MG, we avoid plastic bottle usage and ensure minimal packaging. This is one of many initiatives our sustainability team has launched.  

By focusing on ecology and attempting to better understand the impact of human actions, MG has conducted waste audits, organised events around sustainability (eco-quizzes), and undertaken other initiatives to preserve nature. The brand has successfully minimised packaging, controlled event waste management and provided sustainable cleaning kits to ensure minimal plastic abuse and waste generation. It has even extended sustainability practices within its partner vendors to drive the importance of sustainability.

Designing a sustainable future

Above all, MG evaluates its designs to make quality automobiles in the most energy-efficient way by identifying areas of energy wastage, improving operational efficiency, reducing carbon footprint, and investing in the latest technologies that support energy conservation. 

MG Motor’s sustainability initiatives implement sustainable and eco-friendly practices in all areas of operation to help create a better tomorrow for everyone.