Why a Certified Car Program is the Best Way to Buy and Sell Pre-Loved Cars

At MG Motor, we want to ensure that every customer has an excellent experience with an MG vehicle, whether purchased brand new or pre-loved. To that end, we offer the MG Reassure program, a certified program for buying and selling pre-loved MG vehicles so that every buyer and seller can buy and sell MG cars with confidence and transparency. 

Buying and selling pre-loved cars through a certified program like MG Reassure confers a host of benefits on both buyers and sellers:

1. Better Resale Value for Sellers:

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The MG Reassure program eliminates multiple middlemen, thus ensuring the best value for sellers. Sellers’ cars are scientifically and thoroughly assessed and valued using predefined parameters. This ensures transparency and consistency in the valuation process; sellers don’t need to worry about dealers trying to price their cars based on subjective factors. Additionally, MG buyers that opt for the 3-60 Buyback option under the MG Shield protection plan can get a guaranteed minimum residual value of 60 per cent of their purchase price when they decide to resell their car after 3 years. 

2. One-stop Solution for Buyers:

Buyers interested in purchasing a pre-loved MG vehicle will find MG Reassure to be a one-stop solution. The MG Reassure program buys MG cars that have been ascertained as accident-free, refurbishes them using genuine MG parts, services them at MG authorised service centres, and only then sells them to buyers.

3. Quality Check: 

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All vehicles sold under the MG Reassure program undergo a rigorous quality check process. Before being brought under the program, they are checked to ensure they are accident-free. After being brought under the program, they are subjected to a thorough 160-checkpoint inspection to make sure that they are perfectly and pleasantly roadworthy. If any part needs to be replaced, it is replaced with genuine MG parts only. Before being sold, the cars are serviced and deep cleaned so that the buyer gets the “new car” feeling even from a pre-loved one.

4. The Power of 3:

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A stand-out feature of the MG Reassure program, the Power of 3 gives buyers of pre-loved MG cars even greater confidence to make their purchase decision. With the Power of 3, buyers of pre-loved MG cars are given a minimum 3 year, unlimited-kilometre warranty, minimum 3 years of roadside assistance, and at least 3 labour-free services. The Power of 3 tells buyers that MG Reassure is not a simple trading program; it’s a commitment MG Motor makes to all its car owners – we have your back.

Owing an MG should be a great experience irrespective of whether the car has been bought new or pre-loved. As makers of the cars, MG Motor understands them best, so we launched MG Reassure to buy and sell certified, accident-free MG cars with complete service histories. Buying a pre-loved car through MG Reassure not only gives buyers peace of mind and a guarantee of quality backed by MG Motor, but it also allows them to command better resale values when they, in turn, decide to sell their car. To buy or sell an MG vehicle through the MG Reassure program, you can visit any authorised MG dealership or call the MG 24×7 Pulse Hub at 1800-100-6464.