This is why you need Safety Fast! in your life today

Being an MG car owner is a special thing. It gives you access to one of the finest examples of contemporary technology at your beck and call. However, the technological marvel that is your Hector or ZS EV is the fruit of many decades of history and passion.

This passion is what led MG Motor to create Safety Fast!, the magazine that publishes all things MG, and has been doing so for over 60 years now. Run by the MG Car Club (MGCC), Safety Fast! offers a wealth of information about MG, and covers everything from modern technological advances in the world of MG to improbable stories of the love that owners have for their cars. With MG cars now traversing roads in India, it’s only natural that Safety Fast! is brought to Indian consumers as well. But why should you view it differently than any other magazines you have? Let’s find out-

1. Information from the people in the know

Safety Fast! believes in bridging the gap between MG car owners and those who run the show. For this reason, the magazine includes addresses and notes from MG’s president and managing director, Mr Rajeev Chaba, along with Adam Sloman of the MGCC. The aim behind having the brand’s top management contribute to the publication ensures customers get an insight into what makes MG ownership exciting and really set the ball rolling for future events. 

2. You learn about the history of MG

MG Motor – a brand with a rich and storied history – has survived two world wars and numerous other difficulties, and yet, has thrived for almost a century. And now, the Indian audience has the opportunity to read about how the first MG car made it onto the road, way back in the early 1920s.

With a history full of stories of courage in the face of almost inevitable failure, the triumph of effort against all odds seems even more impressive. The current economic climate is one that MG has seen before and has also managed to overcome; perhaps there are a few lessons to learn from MG’s experience once again! 

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3. Nurture your inner auto-geek

Considering that MG is associated with legends like Sir Stirling Moss – a giant in motorsport, it’s safe to say that Safety Fast! will offer you a glimpse into stories that will excite and inspire readers, and not only offer a wealth of information. For instance, did you know that Moss had the most wins in Formula 1, the pinnacle of motorsport, until 1991? He also broke the landspeed record in 1957 driving an MG EX 181 at the Salt Flats in Bonneville, Utah. This is just the tip of the iceberg of stories MG has in store for its avid fans.  

4. Details about Safety Fast! and its history

The magazine has been published for 61 years and is still running, which is no small feat for an auto-first publication. With a look at the different designs of Safety Fast! over the years – right from black and white to colour and now, to electronic publication; the magazine’s evolution is there for all to see. It has also helped bring together MG owners from all over the globe for six decades now – and hopes to add to those numbers with MG owners from India.

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5. Join an exclusive club with a global reach

The MG Car Club, or the MGCC, has a host of facilities available to the MG car owner, both old and new. It is your gateway to everything MG. Safety Fast! allows you to explore that world from the comfort of your home (or your MG, for that matter) and at your own pace by informing you about exciting events such as experience drives in which you can participate. 

6. Additional benefits for the classic/vintage MG owner

MG owners often are a different breed of car enthusiasts, and the brand continues to fuel this flame with some excellent offerings. For owners of classic or vintage MG cars, Safety Fast! offers not just knowledge to help keep these precious MGs in top running shape but also offers guidance on how to access specific parts and other expertise about these gorgeous machines. Thus, Safety Fast! makes owning a vintage MG fun and exciting, and encourages more enthusiasts to get in on the action. 

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With a history that spans six decades, Safety Fast! is a proven auto publication that is certain to open up a brand new world to Indian audiences