This is what the colour of your car says about you – MG Motor

Buying a car is an exciting venture; there are endless possibilities of new-age features you could have in your next ride. But along with what’s on the inside, it’s the external appearance that makes heads turn at the sight of a car, and its colour plays a monumental role here. Each colour tells a different story, and the colour of your ride could reveal cues about your personality and may even influence your driving style.

Here are the six most popular car colours and what they reveal about the personality of their owners. 

1. Red

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Red is often associated with emotions of passion and love.

This is because research into colour psychology explains that people who have a fascination for this colour tend to be confident and impulsive.

These traits carry over into people’s personal choices and are one reason why they might prefer cars in different shades of red. Such individuals are usually as passionate about other aspects of their lives as they are about their cars. The Agate Red of the MG Gloster, the Glaze Red of the MG Hector 2021, and the Currant Red of the MG ZV EV perfectly personify the vibrant energy of such people. And if you’re the kind that likes to stand out a little bit more, the dual-tone Glaze Red of MG Hector 2021 with a black roof can complement your style perfectly. 

2. Black

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For decades, this colour has been associated with timeless yet understated elegance. 

Generally, individuals who prefer black cars tend to gravitate towards all things classy and sophisticated. 

A black car is like heirloom jewellery or a fine watch – you simply can’t go wrong with it! Signature MG colours such as Metal Black and Starry Black of the MG Gloster and MG Hector 2021 exude a universal appeal – one that looks stunning in just about every setting.

3. Blue

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Blue has always been the go-to colour for people who are calm and compassionate.

If you think about buying a car in the several available shades of blue, you are most likely an optimistic person who revels in the serene pleasures of life. The Starry Sky Blue of the MG Hector 2021 and the Copenhagen Blue of the MG ZS EV are perfect choices for such zen people. They bring a cool, relaxing, and stable aura to a personality, which is why it is the colour of choice for those who have a calm and reliable nature.  

4. White

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If you could represent dignity with a colour, it would most likely be white. It’s a colour that often conveys positivity, simplicity, and an impeccable standard when it comes to taste. That’s the reason why white cars like the Warm White MG Gloster, the Candy White MG Hector 2021, and the Ferris White MG ZS EV are amongst the most popular choices. For people, who prefer the perfect blend of old-school elegance and modernity, the Candy White dual-tone and black roof combination of the MG Hector 2021 is excellent. 

5. Silver

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This colour is known to represent practicality and routine. 

Silver frequently finds its way to those who like having a proper schedule and structure in their lives. It usually denotes gracefulness and modernity and adds an ornate touch to an individual’s style. Colours like the Metal Ash of the MG Gloster and the Aurora Silver of the MG Hector 2021 reflect such people’s maturity and reliability.

6. Burgundy

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​Burgundy is often associated with royalty and wealth. 

People who prefer such colours have a passion for the finer things in life. They also tend to be social, outgoing, and flamboyant.

The Burgundy Red colour variant of the MG Hector 2021 can perfectly complement the extroverted personality of such individuals. 

A colour for every mood! 

While colours play an important role in the eventual choice you make, the truth is that you should be equally pleased by what’s on the inside when it comes to picking a car. Whether it’s captain seats that are snug and comfortable, high-end security elements that ensure every drive is a safe one, or the latest technology features that offer connectivity and convenience at every step, MG has you covered. From the radiant Currant Red of the MG ZS EV to the trusty Aurora Silver of the MG Hector 2021, this iconic British car brand has a plethora of choices that can check off your exterior and interior car preferences.