Things to Buy On Subscription in India (#9 Will Surprise You)

India is shifting to a new way of purchasing things. The way people buy has changed drastically over the past decade. Today, consumers have a new set of expectations from the ownership experience. They want easy and instant access to products and services. This has led many businesses to adapt to the paradigm shift. And, the result is – The Emerging Subscription Economy.

At its core, the subscription is about the ease of owning or buying. So, how does subscription works? The customers consume and pay for a product or service on a recurring basis, and businesses deliver and bill for these recurring services. It’s that easy!

Let’s explore what all can you can get as a subscription in India. Read on.

1. Clothing

Imagine getting a brand new outfit every month chosen by an expert stylist only for you. No going to the malls or taking out time to scroll through hundreds of outfits on shopping sites. A completely hassle-free way of shopping for clothes!

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2. Food

Cooking everyday is probably one of the most difficult things to do, especially for millennials. And, hence food subscription boxes are a true blessing! Who wouldn’t like a perfectly curated box of mouth-watering food delivered directly to our doorstep?

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3. Personal Care

Let’s call it an affordable luxury. From fragrances to personal grooming items, skincare to make-up products, everything is now available on subscription.

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4. Fresh Coconut Water

This one’s different from the usual subscription services we just discussed. It’s more of an informal way of doing business since this one is a 100% cash-based model run by local vendors.

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5. Entertainment

Needless to say, the video streaming services are probably the most well-known subscription services in the country to date. We all use it and love it!

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6. Jewellery

With jewellery subscription, you get access to trendy accessories every month without having to visit the store. These subscription boxes are mostly customized as per your preferences.

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7. Flowers & Plants

It’s now possible to get fresh flowers and indoor plants delivered to your doorstep to brighten up your living space or office. You can choose from daily, weekly, and monthly subscription packages.

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8. Activity Boxes

You can now subscribe to fun learning activity boxes for your kids. It’s a great way to keep them engaged and intellectually active. All you have to do is simply choose your subscription & receive the unique-themed box at your doorstep every month

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9. A Car

Yes! You can now own a car through subscription with zero hassles, zero paperwork, and zero commitment. Rest, we’ll let the picture do the talking. It’s a human thing you see!

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