The Short, Long Term Commitment to Driving

Owning a car has, is and will probably always be a milestone for many. Today’s cars are designed to include the best in safety, tech and luxury, making them more than just a means of transport. That is why having your own car is about more than just convenience; it is a matter of pride and status. And of course, this comes with a long-term commitment and several responsibilities.  

No Downpayment

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To begin with, subscribing to a car requires zero down payment, which means, your savings remain untouched right off the bat. This also allows you to consider vehicles in a higher category than you initially would have. Sure, the subscription rate for premium cars is naturally higher, but considering all costs, it is still more affordable than buying a car in the same price range. You only have to pay the monthly subscription rate for the car you choose.

Spoilt For Choice

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You would be forgiven for thinking that the cars available on a subscription basis are used or outdated models. After all, the whole thing sounds too good to be true, right? Well, that’s far from the truth. The sheer variety of cars that are on offer as car subscriptions range from your daily city runabouts to plush SUVs, giving you quite the playing field. All you need to do is find a car subscription provider that offers what you are looking for.

In With The New

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Another impressive feature of this ownership model is that you can choose the time frame of your subscription, whether it is six months or two years. This means you have the freedom to switch to another car model when your on-going subscription comes to an end. So, you can either choose a car from a class above, opt for something in the same segment or even pick something smaller. No more worrying about things like finding a buyer, resale value, or spending hours negotiating. This offering is particularly perfect for car enthusiasts who would love to drive around different cars. 

No Servicing Required

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There is also the fortune you end up saving on after-sale and maintenance costs. With subscription companies taking care of services and other external factors, you do not have to be concerned with things like oil changes or changing parts. Even things like replacing tyres are taken care of by the subscription company, an option that practically any car owner would love to have. All you need to do is fill up the tank and drive off to wherever you need to go.


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Along with fewer responsibilities, subscribing to a car is also quite straightforward and quicker than going through the process of buying a car. All you need to do once you have found a subscription service is create an account, pick a car that meets your needs and budget, select the tenure, make the payment and you are done!

Things like the annual insurance and registration costs and PUC certificate are taken care of by the company, while you wait for the car to be dropped right at your doorstep. All you need in terms of documents are your basic ID proof and driving license copies, and you’re ready to go. 

Subscribing to a car might not be the most traditional way of owning your set of wheels, but it is tailormade to suit specific preferences and offers you more control through its short, long term commitment.