Is Car Subscription the Future of Personal Transportation?

The ecosystem of car buying is witnessing a big change in India. Today, owning a car is more than just a buyout for many young Indians. The ownership experience is what the urban buyer yearns for now. And, thus, the introduction of radical alternatives of car ownership in tandem with the conventional modes of owning a car is imperative now, more than ever before.

The Evolving Dynamics of Car Buying In India

Over the past few years, there’s been a paradigm shift from personally-owned modes of transportation to innovative mobility solutions that are consumed as a service, on a need basis. Millennial India is witnessing the transportation-as-a-service trend, which has started to play out well in the country.

Considering the acceptance people have shown towards the changing trends in the mobility sector, it’s clear that the idea of car ownership is evolving and so are the buyer’s expectations. They are eager to explore the advantages of newer means of owning a car like subscription, which offers instant access over long-term ownership. Subscription as a mobility solution promises instant gratification by providing easy access to cars, making the entire car-buying journey a breeze for the buyer.

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Adapting to the Change

The subscription service is an unprecedented mobility solution that has magnetized the fancy of both consumers and carmakers in India. As the mobility trend is mutating in India, people today are choosing the flexibility, financial freedom and perks that subscription offers.

Subscription is for car buyers who need a set of four wheels without any wait. The buyer need not worry about the downpayment or registration worries. For subscription, what a car buyer is typically charged is a flat monthly fee that is mostly inclusive of expenses like insurance, maintenance, RSA, etc. This way people save both, their time and money. And, like other subscription services, at the term end, the subscription can be renewed or the car can simply be returned. It’s that easy!

Taking into account how people are gravitating toward the disruptions and newer means of car ownership, MG India is swiftly changing into the mobility market to meet the shifting preferences of the urban buyer. This would enable us to cater to the dynamic needs of a broad array of car buyers looking to own MG vehicles. The service we are to offer next would give the potential car buyers an additional means to own the MG vehicles instantly, along with the traditional option of buying our cars.

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