How MG Motor is helping the fight against covid? – MG Motor

The second wave of COVID-19 infections is sweeping across the country, overburdening medical infrastructure in places, even as the efforts to vaccinate the national population are underway. It’s a national all-hands-on-deck situation, and just like last year, we’ve decided to join the fight against COVID-19. 

During the second wave of COVID-19 that we are currently experiencing, we continue to support communities while prioritising vaccination for our workforce. We’re also deploying our manufacturing prowess to help solve an important problem. 

Boosting Oxygen Supply at Devnandan Gases, Moksi

While multiple organisations are working to ramp up medical oxygen production, there is still a stark shortage at several facilities across the country. Recognising this issue, we have joined forces with Moksi, Gujarat-based Devnandan Gases Pvt. Ltd., a supplier of medical oxygen, to improve its manufacturing processes and infrastructure to increase overall oxygen production. Our engineers are helping to increase the efficiency of several components of the manufacturing line and reduce process losses at various stages. In the first week of this collaboration, we were jointly able to increase production volumes of medical oxygen by 15.24%, from 6,056 cubic metres to 6,979 cubic metres. This translates to an additional 132 medical oxygen cylinders or an hourly production increase from 36 cylinders to 41 cylinders. 

We will continue to assist Devnandan Gases in optimising their manufacturing process, especially in expanding infrastructure and improving manufacturing efficiency. The goal is to improve production capacity by 25% in the next two weeks, followed by 50% in the near future. 

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This collaboration with Devnandan Gases follows the playbook of our partnership with Max Ventilators last year at their Vadodara plant, where several of our engineers helped stabilise and streamline ventilator production. 

Provision of Food at Hospitals and Worker Vaccination Drives

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Through our MG SEWA platform, we continue to support local communities clustered around our operations. An important initiative we have undertaken is serving food to the relatives of COVID-19 patients for a full month at GMERS Hospital Gotri and Samras COVID Hospital and Polytechnic Hostel. 

We have also been conducting vaccinations for our plant workers on-site to stem the spread of the virus. We understand that vaccination is one of the most effective defenses against COVID-19 and urge everyone to get themselves vaccinated as soon as possible. 

Support During the First Wave of COVID-19

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Last year, we extended support in various forms to help those affected by the strict, albeit necessary, lockdown that lasted a few months. During that time, we donated funds to aid various NGOs and the Vadodara city and rural police departments to procure hygiene kits and PPE equipment, alongside the INR two crores pledged towards COVID-19 medical aid. We also directly distributed ration and other essentials to various communities around our plants and head office. Together with Compass Group, we embarked on a food distribution drive for the migrant workers as part of the #LetsFeedTogether initiative. 

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As a vehicle manufacturer, we could take our efforts even further by providing 100 MG Hectors to an array of doctors, medical staff, police officers, and local government officials as they continued their efforts on the frontline. MG Hectors were also transformed into emergency ambulances, equipped with several life-saving medical apparatus such as an oxygen supply system, medicine cabinet, and more. 

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Through our Parents First initiative, we extended car sanitising services to the parents of MG owners, irrespective of the make and model of their vehicle. We also supported awareness drives in schools to educate children and adults on the best practices and safety protocols of dealing with a viral outbreak.   

When coping with the effects of the pandemic got challenging, being involved with MG Sewa provided a ray of hope to our internal MG team. So, while the Best CSR Initiative Award for 2021 by Autocar was a personal win for each of us at MG, we can see the difference we are making in so many lives, and that pushes us to keep working for change. 

Today, we are communicating with local authorities around our operational facilities regularly and looking for ways to extend our support in any way possible. Encouraging netizens to take proper precautions whenever they step out, the #DoYourBit campaign is another way we offer reassurance to our MG family. 

For as long as necessary, we will continue to look out for all our stakeholders, including employees, dealers, local communities, and authorities. Solidarity and collaboration, after all, is the way forward in these trying times.