Car Subscription myths busted

Up until a few years ago, subscriptions services earned a rather unfair rep. They were new, no one understood exactly how they worked, and most people were sceptical because, for an economical fee, you could access plenty of quality services. The question on everyone’s mind – “What’s the catch?” Fast forward to 2020, and almost everyone has jumped on the subscription bandwagon, from streaming TVs and movies to renting furniture.

With time, brands have fiddled and tweaked subscription services to be easy on the pocket and to meet the needs and preferences of consumers. And in the bargain, several car brands have also started to offer subscription services. But either not many people are aware of this offering or think it is too good to be true. So, we are going to bust some myths about car subscriptions and open your eyes to a new way of owning a car.

Myth 1- The car subscription process is difficult

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You’d imagine owning a car via the internet is asking for trouble, but this very fact is what makes it streamlined and easy. Subscribing to a car is anything but a long process. In fact, it is as easy as ordering a pizza. All you need to do is log on to the subscription site, select the car you want through a plethora of options based on the city in which you reside, upload your documents, make the payment and voila, your car will be delivered at your doorstep. #ItsThatEasy

Myth 2- There are limited options to choose from

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Now, if you think that subscribing to a car means scraping the bottom of the barrel or having to choose from a few basic or bland models, think again. In terms of options, almost every car on sale in India right now is available on a subscription basis. There is a long list of models ranging from small city hatchbacks to full-size SUVs, fitted with the latest features.

Myth 3- You will not get a brand new car

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Possibly one of the most common reservations you might have before subscribing to a car is that it has been pre-owned. Many people relish the feel of driving a new car, and rightly so since it is unmatched.

However, subscribing to a car is not entirely like the rental programs where you only have high mileage, used models. You can also opt for a brand new model straight from the factory floor. In fact, you can even find car manufacturers offering subscription options for their brand-new models today. The chances are that your dream brand is probably running its subscription service at this very minute (and for a great price)!

Myth 4- The paperwork is too much to handle

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Now you’d imagine all these perks would come with tonnes of documentation requirements. Guess what though? Subscribing to a car requires minimal paperwork. All you need are the scanned copies of essential documents like your driver’s license, Aadhaar and PAN card, which are usually stored on your personal devices. Once these documents are verified, you’ll be good to go! Yes, #ItsThatEasy to subscribe to a brand new car.

Moreover, you do not have to worry about putting in place a pollution certificate, insurance policy or even maintenance costs, since these are generally taken care of by the provider!

So, don’t let far-fetched myths stop you from owning your dream car. Find a subscription service that caters to your needs and preferences, and sign up for your own set of wheels today!