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Family holidays are some of the most anticipated events in the year, whether it’s a weekend getaway or a summer vacation. But if it is a road trip, then along with the excitement, you have to think about the logistics, especially if the equation involves children. Who will sit in front? Who will sit in the back seat of the car? Where will all the bags go? These are some of the questions that plague your thoughts before setting out. And then, of course, the kids argue about who gets to sit at the window, and you start to wonder whose idea this trip was after all?!

In retrospect, when looking back at the goofy pictures from your trip, all you remember is the love, laughter, togetherness and fun that everyone had. However, with the current COVID-19 pandemic making it challenging to travel today, it could be sometime before you can holiday with your family again. It is likely that once travel opens up that road trips might be the popular option. And if you want to ensure everyone is comfy on the drive, having a bigger vehicle will be necessary, especially if your family includes kids, your parents, pets, you and your spouse.

This makes it particularly important that your car has certain qualities if you want family trips to become a more comfortable and memorable experience.


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To keep tempers and moods calm and positive when spending hours on the road, everyone must be comfortable; and that means plenty of legroom and elbow space. For this reason, SUVs are starting to become a preferred choice today. Not only do they allow you to fit everyone in comfortably, but they also make it possible to take different kinds of trips. This is where MG’s Hector+ makes an excellent choice. The six-seater car ensures everyone has plenty of space to relax comfortably on every drive. Additionally, it has over 55 in-built features and the option to personalise your vehicle depending on your needs and family size. From bottle holders for each door to AC vents that make sure everybody stays cool throughout the journey, comfort for the entire family is taken to a whole new level. 


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Possibly the most important factor that anyone considers while buying a car for a family is how safe it will keep every member when you are on the road. From your toddler to your parents, a car that takes care of every passenger is always a welcomed member to any family. Here too, the Hector+ checks every box; it includes ISOFIX child anchors, which make it easy and safe to fix child seats for when you have to travel alone with your kid, six airbags and three-point seatbelts to ensure protection for every passenger.

In addition to this, the SUV includes Traction Control System that keeps the vehicle steady and provides better control to the driver no matter the terrain or quality of the road. Along with the 360-degree camera view, it also has parking sensors, brake assists, automatic headlamps, rain-sensing wipers and more, all of which ensure not only added safety but also make driving more enjoyable. It’s almost as good as having a competent co-pilot assisting you on every mile.  


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In this digital age, there’s practically nothing that you can do without the help of the internet. And if your phone and home have adopted smart technology, why shouldn’t your car too? A smart car plays a pretty big role in keeping the whole family occupied and entertained when you have to spend several hours on the road. Fortunately, a car like the Hector+ can make this trouble-free as well with its preloaded entertainment content. As an internet car, the Hector+ also offers you additional assistance while on the road by providing live updates on the traffic, weather conditions and even parking or fuel station suggestions. All you need to do is activate voice recognition. 

All these features make the Hector+ your best bud when it comes to family road trips, assuming the responsibility for keeping you and your loved ones comfortable, secure and catering to their different needs. This leaves you free to focus on things that matter, like making memories and having the time of your life!