Busting EV Myths/ True or False: EV Edition

EVs are associated with many advantages that most consumers can appreciate such as- no pollution, lower running costs, excellent performance and so on. However, like with many new technologies, there has been an increasing number of rumours and myths floating about when it comes to the downsides of EVs. These are some of the most common myths concerning EVs and the facts behind them.

Myth 1: They don’t help to reduce pollution

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The biggest argument by far is that the EV, which is advertised as being powered by electricity, is powered by coal – as coal is what helps in providing electricity, to begin with.

Now while that may be true, the amount of power required to generate electricity to charge an EV is, in fact, far less than what it takes to power a conventional fuel-powered vehicle. So, if you plan to take a 100 km trip in your EV, the amount of pollution it will cause to charge the vehicle will cause an insignificant impact. Hence, EVs do help to reduce pollution levels by way of its charging and zero emissions. 

Myth 2- Recycling the battery is an issue

Today’s EVs today are powered by Lithium-ion batteries, which are, by far, the most efficient option currently available to automakers. While the name might imply that lithium is the primary component of the battery, it actually makes up only 5-7% of the battery’s constituents. The more prominently used materials are nickel and cobalt, which are easier and inexpensive to recycle.

Furthermore, there are plenty of reusable components in lithium-ion batteries that can be used to power other sources and can be used in other applications once a battery has finished powering a vehicle. MG Motor, in fact, has partnered with UMICORE – a company that ensures batteries are safely discarded without any ecological damage. The brand also ensures that batteries get a second-life in the form of powering inverters and other devices, in a better waste management effort.

Myth 3- EVs are an expensive purchase 

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Did you know that the cost of electric vehicle batteries today is almost 80% lower than their price in 2009?

If you factor in the fast-evolving battery tech, they are likely to become even cheaper in the future. Hence, EVs today are competing with prices of regular fuel cars and are no longer an option that is only accessible to a few. Furthermore, once you have made the initial investment, the running cost of an EV is 1/5th that of a conventional vehicle. This ends up making it both environmentally friendly and cost-efficient in the long run. 

Myth 4- Charging at home causes high electricity bills

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Just like a fuel car runs on petrol or diesel, an EV is dependant on charging its battery to run. Electric cars like the MG ZS EV, offer a range of 340 km on a single charge; which means an average user would only need to charge their car only once or twice in a week and still be able to use it daily. 

Today, you also have options to charge your car in places other than your home. For instance, MG Motor dealerships offer a DC fast charging option that lets you charge your car up to 80% in about 30 to 40 minutes. All you need to do is find a dealership near you that provides this service, and you can do that with your MG app!

Myth 5- Lower performance compared to conventional cars

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EVs have an (unfounded) reputation of being focused on the environment and failing to provide its owners with the best driving experience. However, it is only a misconception that EVs aren’t quick or don’t perform as well. One of the most significant advantages an EV has over standard cars is the instantaneous response. Power is available at all times in an EV, and you just need to flex your right foot to deploy all of the torque. 

Furthermore, EV models, like the MG ZS EV, have the distinct advantage of being smart cars that can be synced with your mobile and controlled remotely. That’s right; they go above and beyond your expectations to boost your driving experience.

While switching to an EV would certainly be considered a big move, being informed on the subject will come in handy if you or a loved one wants to #ChangeWhatYouCan for the world. To know more about the MG ZS EV’s features, click here.